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Re: Sculpting a victory: A Pygmalion Slogan for the Australian Open! WINNER!!!!

Originally Posted by Trollicki View Post
He reacted to the supporters who were chanting 'Nole, we love you' with 'Thank you, I love you too'
There is actually a bit of history behind that.Slobodan Milosevic,during one of his political rallies in 90s,after public chanted "We love you!We love you!",said "I love you to".

But the way he said was so pathetic looking,and his infamous reputation afterwards stigmatized that phrase,so ever since then Serbian celebrities mosly tend to avoid to say "I love you too" after "We love you" chants.

I did not watch the ceremony,butif I were to guess,I think Nole did it with his tongue in cheek.

Btw,BigJane permabanned?Thank god for that.One of the biggest clowns around,and that really says something.

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Originally Posted by 17-6-302 View Post
You have a deal. You need not have any worries about me keeping my word. I wouldn't have my hideous avatar otherwise. If Djokovic wins I won't post till Jan 1, 2016. If Fed wins you won't post till the same date. Frankly, I don't trust Novak fans too much after that yoda multi Tutsi dishonoured my bet and chico tried to cheat claybot but I trust you'll keep your word. This thread has run its course then. Good.
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