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Re: The Ferrer Model

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think you're interpreting my article as having a dig at Ferrer? That's totally not the case, of anything, I appreciate what he's done, because if he had the mentality of most of the other players out there, he'd be a perennial 'floater'.
my problem is not about having a dig at Ferrer or not, I'm not a Ferrer-fan at all, and I'm not here to defend him, besides he's so modest that he would probably let you say that shit.

It's just that you spread that vision about Ferrer which I just think is wrong in a big part but is said everywhere,
and which is tiring me a lot.

Still this shit about Ferrer not threatening top-players whereas other players would threaten them

Ferrer's H2H with other top-players (yes, rather Murray and Djokovic than Federer and Nadal, I think it's a big reason why people keep on not seeing it) proves that it's wrong yet you take one match in a semifinal and the full bag of prejudice to say that : I'm very tired of arguing about that, as I know that your prejudice are shared by many ones,

but I'm convinced that this vision has 50% truth and 50% prejudice.

I think the day when Ferrer defeats Federer, and I see absolutely no reason apart from his mental complex, where he wouldn't defeat Federer when Simon gave Fed so many problems (I'm as afraid, and even more, of Simon as of Berdych still now as a Fed-fan, even though Simon is much lower-ranked), people will change their mind a lot, because I'm convinced that people look too much at the results of matches against Federer (or against Nadal as well) to make their own judgment. Ferrer just didn't face Federer in good circumstances (for instance he only faced Fed on clay when Fed was at his best and when Ferrer was not, or he faced him in Madrid on quick clay), but I'm convinced he would have a great chance to defeat him if he did. As for matches against Nadal, he threatens Nadal much more than Berdych does imo, but still many tennis amateurs fail seeing it because they love ballbashers and "boom-boom tennis"

I like Federer, and I'm afraid for his top-4 seed, but in a way, I wish this day will come, because I'm really fed-up with arguing with people who can't just accept to open their eyes a little bit from their prejudice.

After all, only one match by Rosol or by Wawrinka completely changed people's look on them, it might also happen about Ferrer, because people are so dumb that their opinion seems to be only oriented by one big match like that.

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