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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
He hates Nole even Rafa is still playing. I can attest to that

BigJohn and I got along OK until I do not drool after his beloved Quebec City
I got along fine with him and had fun conversations with him, but then I teased him about something on GM (I mean I do that to Mikey all the time and he never gets mad at me) and he went ballistic.

I think it was around the time when he began taking everything a little too seriously.anyway, I don't see how people keep getting banned. Most posters never even get an infraction.

Also I see people are still getting banned for wishing death. How hard is it not to wish death.

Well, Mikey got banned for wishing death one time and it was a big injustice because it wasn't wishing death, but just making a silly play on words joke. But, because of that, I'm super careful about not even making a joke that could be construed as anything about death. I mean -- what Mikey said was akin to "Go jump in the lake" or "Take a long step off a short bridge." I wouldn't equate either of those with wishing death but apparently it is.
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