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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by Time Violation View Post
BigJohn permabanned... the biggest Nolehater gone
You know we were teasing him heavily in the match thread. He just couldn't roll with the punches. It was cracking me up that he seriously believes that his only problem on MTF was with so called tards, and yet he couldn't see that he was an über yard. He couldn't even be called a troll because trolls at least have an awareness of what they are doing. So self righteous.

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
Trying to tackle the tax return again today. I had a severe headache yesterday trying to fill some of the forms Fingers crossed that I will get most of it done before DC in Belgium.
Doing it very early!! Now I feel like a no good lazy person.

Originally Posted by arm View Post
oh my god. I reported him like an hour ago I did it again. 3 people I've gotten permabanned.

I didnt mean to get him permabanned
I doubt it was just you in any of the cases. In the olden days, I reported Ezekiel just before he got his permaban, but I'm sure that there were several people reading the thread that evening who reported him. And then we started talking about food, food, food, and the thread was closed.

Originally Posted by ProdigyEng View Post
Lee as you fill out tax forms, does that mean you are self employed/freelance? Here in the uk only freelance and self employed have to do tax self assesments.
Sounds like heaven.

Originally Posted by arm View Post
Yes, mother get taxes deducted from salary every month. But then some expenses like health care, herm... I think just health care she can file and then she can get some money back. Also realted to her daughter's education, she can also file and some money back. And charity too.

I don't really know how this works.

Actually, I don't either.

Boys and girls, your granny has hurt her back terribly -- i mean to the point of having to stop and breathe and wanting to curse and to the point of taking opiates and risking vomiting.

All this because there is a drain from my deck that normally I don't care if it runs off into the drive, but when it is draining the melt of 6 to 8 inches on my rather large deck would flood both me and the neighbor, I've put a big trash can under it and I drag it out and dump it. I try to get to it before it is completely full, but sometimes, I can't. Even half full it is heavy. And now the upper quadrant of my back is in spasms if I move the wrong way -- which apparently is most normal ways a person moves.

I'm so and I don't like my body giving out. I liked the days when I was strong and could lift anything.

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