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Originally Posted by Yves. View Post
This thread is so uninteresting. Why do people want to know all kinds of stuff from a 17 year-old? You don't seem a very bright boy (even though your IQ is high), you need to think more about stuff.

I do want to know one thing. Do you speak Scots or Scottish Gealic? And is it (still) common for young people to speak those languages, in this English language oriented world.
The thread is uninteresting because people ask uninteresting questions. I barely ever revive this thread. Others do by asking questions. If this thread were to just die then that would be fine with me.

And I am bright. One of the best on this forum, but that's an entirely different story that I've repeated numerous times.

Yes, quite a number of people in my school speak Gaelic. I don't though, I've always been horrible at it.

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