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Originally Posted by Time Violation View Post
1. Did you watch the finals?
2. Do you think Murray-Djokovic matchup is boring?
3. Do you think Andy will do better against Nadal now that he's won a slam/assume Nadal is in 2011 form
4. Does Murray care about clay season?
5. Do you expect Andy to defend USO? Is it a big deal if he doesn't?
6. Do you live far from the seaside?
7. Do you go to the seaside?
8. What's the farthest you went up north?
9. What's the best movie you watched recently/last year?
1. The final of the Australian Open or the world tour finals?? I watched both either way.
2. Not at all, mostly because of Andy though.
3. Yes, I do. He'll defeat far more often now that he's confident in his slam abilities.
4. Of course he does There's a reason he bothers to play it and tries to get as far as possible. He cares about every tournament he enters.
5. Yes, I do. He'll lose quite a lot of points but I don't think it will affect him in any way.
6. No, I actually live quite close to the sea. Under a mile away.
7. Yeah, when the weather is good. I love the beach.
8. Farthest I've been North if to South Galson, a little village near the top of the Isle of Lewis. So, not very far north
9. I recently watched The Hobbit. The film was great!!
Originally Posted by GOAT = Fed View Post
Got some questions broski:

1). Has your opinion of me changed yet?
2). What do you think about my sig?
3). Are you a womaniser?
4). Do you put women on a pedestal?
5). Why didn't you try taking up tennis as a career? Did your parents not encourage you to play tennis?
6). If you were to become a tennis player today which style of tennis would you try to play? [ie S/v, Baseliner etc]
7). Are you relieved that Andy finally won a slam?
8). Is Scotland a shit hole?
9). Who will you vote for in the 2015 general election based on the performance of each party thus far?
10). Your reaction when Andy won the USO?
11). Do you think Murray will ever make it to a French Open final?
12). If Andy and Roger were to retire today would you continue watching tennis? If yes, who would you support passionately like you do for Murray?
13). Any more questions?
1. No.
3. I wouldn't call myself one, no.
4. No, I don't.
5. I live on the Isle of Lewis where we have 2 courts maximum. I never developed an interest in playing the game anyway, I prefer watching it.
6. All rounder.
7. Yes. I knew it was coming but having it now is great. The haters can't use the slamless remarks anymore and they're generally more fun to laugh at now.
8. No, it's not. Except for Glasgow and other ned infested areas. They suck.
9. The party that is for independence!
10. Ecstatic!!
11. Yes, I do. A good draw and him playing at his best and he'll make it some day.
12. Yes, I would. Ferrer would be one but he won't be around for TOO much longer I don't think. As for younger players....there's none, which is concerning.
Originally Posted by Mr. Oracle View Post
Not bad Sapeod. Some answers could be developed a bit more. When in doubt, just make stuff up and entertain. Don't be shy.

I'm not here to impress you.


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