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Re: •°o* Ye Olde Castle Volume 61- Enjoy the Australian Open with us

Originally Posted by viruzzz View Post
Since this month, DirecTV Argentina opened Comedy Central. I'm quite happy with it, it's a nice channel, I like 90s sitcoms and the comedy-talk shows.
Also, they show local comedian talents, that's good because it's a very difficult job to be a comedian (specially here!) and they give them some air and popularity.

Great TV channel, for the boring mornings and nights without AO

You're a cutie person, I'd prefer you as a mod
But I won't be that bitchy to do that I'd try to keep it a little more... serious.

But who knows, i'm not in that world so I can't totally tell.
But I know you're sweet and smooth with everyone and you won't ban a person who doesn't deserve it.
we have a few great chanels but i cant stand all those Reality, but it does wonderful to my sleep bc i find it boring.

about the forum, 2 things can drive me crazy
1- posting a nuse picture
2- saying a client full name

esp the second bc it Breaking banking confidentiality.

i need to be more strong i know..not easy thing to do esp when a few are ur friends.

at least the talk about great stuff inside the bank and share but im working Sunday to Thursday and a few branches work Monday to Friday so when i come back on sunday its hell

what a mess

i wish i would have some help...

Hug it out as long as it takes, people
"People were created to be loved
things were created to be used.
The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved, and people are being used."

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