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Re: Do you Serbs regret ideas of Milosovic?

Last and not least, I will tell you a little story to make you understand wat is srbian mood right now.

Just imagine a big school yard where there is a bunch of children playing.

Some children are battling and yelling. Adults came to figure out what happened.
Each child told his own story about the fight and adults choosed one story from all to be the truth.

One of the children got very frustrated because, despite he knew none of the stories (even his) was the truth, he felt like being charged from all the sin in this fight.

A few weeks after this child was stolen one of his toys and adults came back, struck him, and said : "we know you are Evil, so if you asked about this toy once again, you would not be allowed anymore in the school yard."

Then I guess you can understand this child's mood.
Maybe you can say it is all in his brain, but it is his mood right now.

Now replace :
Children by Hrvatska, Slovenija, Srbija, Bosna or FYROM.
Adults by SAD and EU
Struck by 78 days bombing from NATO
Toy by Kosovo

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