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Re: Do you Serbs regret ideas of Milosovic?

Originally Posted by @Sweet Cleopatra View Post
What is your point of view after all this years?

Tito with all his flaws was still able to keep the union and the constitution in 74 gave people many rights.

Milosovic believed in the Serbian identity only and wasn't able to understand minorities rights, wars erupted, thousands died and union dissolved. He had many supporters between Serbs.

Do you think things should have been done differently? Do you regret what happened, or you still think he is a good leader? Or do you think the union was going to dissolve any way after death of Tito?

Please reply.
Girl, why are you speaking about something you don't know.

Just investigate about what happened and how the war began.

Then we can talk again about those issues.

Curiously, there were 4 millions srbs from Bosna or Hrvatska that were compelled to leave Jugoslavija to Western Europe, Australija or SAD.

And you are talking about "understanding minorities rights" from Milosevic ? Do u really think it was a one way problem ?


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