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Re: Do you Serbs regret ideas of Milosovic?

You forgot about one thing, Muslim Dominance in Srbija was not a "Big Party".

There was a religion gap that prevent people to mix.

Slavian that decided to switch to Muslim religion were in Bosnia and stayed muslim afterwards and are called Bosniak now.

They used to get the power (nobilitary) over Srbs from Turkish people.

Muslim religion and Orthodox religion are not kind to allow marriage with people from other religion.

There were probably children out of marriage (rapes, or sex affairs) but I'm not sure srbian women keep ther babies if they looked too turkish.

Knowing the srbian spirit, I'm not sure that a srbian women, keeping a baby from a mixed "union" at that time, would have had a very long happy life on earth.

You can call that "barbarian" but it was a war.

From the place where I live now, I heard stories about WWII and what happens to women that slept with germans and that was not really nice despite it was centuries after.

But I guess I am loosing my time and brain, because you are just trying to get us srbs angry.

Anyway, despite all your mooves,

Novak is World number 1 and won AO again despite tennis was hardly known in Srbija when he was a youngster.

Now Srbija has tennis schools and there is a bunch of young srbian players coming (Jorovic, Milojevic, Krstin, Kecman...).


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