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Re: The Ferrer Model

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
I don't think so. I'm sure he himself will admit that he works very hard
Well, actually, I don't have the link to the interview but I think he's usually quite dismissive of the statement that he works harder than the others. He says something which seems pretty sensible to me, namely that every top player works very hard.
So I don't know if he's just being modest, but... I also tend to believe that it's a bit ridiculous to praise one sportsman for being a really hard worker, when you can expect that any guy at this level would have to be a very hard worker. It's difficult to check anyway.

I wouldn't be so sure that Ferrer works so much harder than the players below him. My impression is that the difference is in his attitude. He's probably more down-to-earth and more mature, he knows what works for him, he knows how to handle victory and defeat, etc...

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
Tennis is more than just about technical talent, though. Ferrer is definitely top five in the world these days mentally and physically. One could also argue that tactically he is extremely astute. These more than account for his obvious technical deficiencies which revolve around a lack of power.
Nice to hear someone say that he is tactically astute... I'm tired of hearing people claim that he "always does the same things", that he's "predictable", that he has "no ability to adapt" (they were saying that on Eurosport the other day). I believe this is really unfair. He does have limitations, of course, and sometimes he cannot find the solution to beat a really great player. But to conclude that he has no tactical sense and no ability to adapt... I think that's just not fair. What got him where he is now, if not adaptability? He is truly an exception in the Top 20 (50?) in terms of height, so he had to use his own strengths and try to compensate for his weaknesses. That takes more ability to adapt than when you are a giant and a natural-born ballbasher, it seems to me.

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think you're interpreting my article as having a dig at Ferrer? That's totally not the case, of anything, I appreciate what he's done, because if he had the mentality of most of the other players out there, he'd be a perennial 'floater'.
I think duong thought you were yet another guy trying to imply that Ferrer was a one-dimensional, talentless workhorse
I did not understand your post in that way, but of course, in the current context, with all the Ferrer haters... you can understand why it can be understood in the wrong way!
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