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Re: What Murray needs to surpass Safin and Hewitt?

Originally Posted by fluffyyelloballz View Post
I never said they beat Sampras at Wimbledon. The reason I said Sampras was Wimbledon Champion when Safin beat him in his first Major final appearance was to illustrate that Sampras was still a top player and a great fast court player at that time. When Murray faced Federer in the 2008 US Open final, Roger had won no Majors that year but Murray did not perform. Safin meanwhile took out Sampras in straights, Sampras's reputation and the occasion not inhibiting him. I correct myself about Hewitt as Sampras was not wimbledon champ when Hewitt beat him in the US Open final.

Regarding the beating Djokovic in the final. Djokovic is no Pete Sampras. He is a worthy opponent for sure, the worthiest at that time but let's not pretend that beating Novak in your fifth Major final in windy conditions that suit your game in five is anything like coming out in your first Major and beating Wimbledon Champion Pete Sampras in straights in his home Major.

As for the two year end number ones as a benchmark issue. This thread asks the question what does Murray need to surpass Safin and Hewitt? Hewitt has two Majors and two year end number ones. If Murray is going to better him, he needs two year end number ones and three Majors. If he has to get four Majors to get the two year end number ones then so be it.
^ this guy speaks the truth
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