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Originally Posted by Mr. Oracle View Post
LOL I was getting jaded with MTF then found a thread where the OP encourages self-abuse. Subscribed for instant email notifications.
Self abuse? Hardly. This thread has a purpose although that seems to be lost now and only idiotic questions are asked instead. They make me laugh, along with the morons who ask them, so I get some fun out of this too.
Originally Posted by motorhead View Post
still virgin a saddo
Please explain to me how being a virgin at 17 makes me a saddo? I bet you were one of those girls/guys who lost their virginity at 14 and is actually proud of it
Originally Posted by Mr. Oracle View Post
Sapeod, I have some questions. I know I've made fun of you in the past but I hope you can get past the ridicule.
I don't even remember who you are so you couldn't have been very good at making fun of me. Onwards, I suppose:
1) How to you like living in Scotland?
2) How do you view the world, being a Scot?
3) Is traditional Scottish food any good?
4) Do you drink a lot or plan to start when you're old enough?
5) Do you have a bad temper or aspire to have one when you grow up?
6) Do you say "bloody" a lot?
7) What do you think of Scotland being in the UK?
8) Do you like the English?
9) Do most people you know like the English?
10) How do you view those from Ireland and Wales and what are their characteristics?
11) What are some Scottish characteristics?
12) What are some English characteristics?
13) Have you ever been to a cool Scottish castle?
14) Do you live in a house like in Braveheart?
15) What do you think of William Wallace and are you related to him?
16) Do you think Scotland will secede from the UK?
17) What do you think of Sean Connery?
18) Do you live in a major city?
19) Would you like Murray if he wasn't a Scot?
20) What do you like about Murray?
21) What do you think of the British Royals and do you consider them your Royals?
22) Who is your favourite royal and why?
23) Who is your least favourite royal and why?
24) Is kate too thin?
25) What do you think of her wardrobe choices?
26) What do you want to be when you grow up?
27) Do you hope to find work in Scotland or somewhere else in the EU?
28) Would you work outside of the EU?
29) Is the EU on a downward spiral?
30) Would you ever join the circus to make ends meet?
31) Is Mel Gibson off his rocker?
1. Hell yes!
2. Like any other person, I suppose.
3. I haven't tried much traditional Scottish food but haggis sounds horrible.
4. I do drink but not very much and not frequently.
5. Aspire to have a temper? Who aspires to have a temper?? Anyway, no, I'm pretty stoic and calm when I'm angry but if pushed I will snap at some point. I'm pretty mellow overall.
6. Not really.
7. I like being part of the UK but I would not mind independence. Whatever is best for Scotland!
8. I don't have anything against the English.
9. Most people I know don't give a other words, no they don't have any problems with English people.
10. I don't really think about that. Nothing wrong with them I suppose although Ireland's religious population needs to calm the fuck down.
11. Saying "aye" a lot? I don't know
13. No. I'd like to see Edinburgh castle one day though, maybe if I get into a university there in the future.
14. No
15. William Wallace was awesome. I have no idea but that would be pretty cool.
16. Somehow I don't think so.
17. Sean Connery is also awesome.
18. Nowhere near
19. Yes, I would.
20. Everything pretty is nice to watch, he's a nice guy, he's an awesome player, underdog sometimes, honest yet doesn't verbally attack people etc. He's an all round great player
21. I don't think about the Royals at all.
22. Don't have one. One of the princes is a bit of a laugh though from what I've seen!!
23. Don't have one.
24. Wouldn't say so.
25. Don't have an opinion on them.
26. I'm not really sure. Something to do with biology/sport/body.
27. In Scotland.
28. I'm not sure. It would depend where it was. No way in hell am I going to the Middle East or Middle America. Australia would be nice though.
29. I wouldn't know, I don't keep up with EU news.
30. I suppose so, if I needed to.
31. From what I've seen, yes, he is.

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