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Re: Grinding wins agains, speed up the courts or the sport will die.

The racquet technology is the big reason for the slowing down of the courts as well, you are able to hit such crazy top spin and even power through the slowest of courts. So in a short sighted way the tennis officials though they were going to improve the game by changing the type of tennis balls they use and slowing down the courts drastically.

To get through the wall of defense that players developed now as a result of needing to be quicker, more fit, you need to get bigger muscles, get stronger and have a body more suited for contact sports then tennis. As a result players get joint and knee problems because they are too top heavy for the amount of running they do. It's going to be the WTA effect but happening slowing because of men having bodies that can last through physical strain a little better then their female counterparts. Make no mistake though, in the next 2 or 3 years you are going to get some funky withdraws and injuries to players that should be in their prime(see Nadal as an example)

Maybe that will make things more interesting when new players start winning, i just hope its actually because they beat them and not because they are not playing. I say Murray has no slam if Nadal is still there most of next year. Then again that is speculation and nobody likes those kinds of arguments and its just one persons opinion.

Also, the generation born right at the beginning of the 90's like Raonic, Dmitrov and many more who developed more of an offensive game are the most effected because of the style of tennis that is winning these days. I believe this is part of the reason you don't see any younger players who are threats, they developed a different type of game for a style that's going extinct. You need to not only have a big serve but also insane defensive skills and counting on forcing errors rather then hitting winners. I think the generation after that one will benefit more as they have already been training to play the kind of tennis that wins these days. Examples like the two handed backhand, heavier top spin and defensive tennis.
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