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Re: The Ferrer Model

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
David Ferrer seems to divide opinion a lot these days. Since he's solidified himself as a top ten player, and made the number five ranking his own, general tennis fans have become more accustomed to seeing him on the stadium court at the crucial stages of the biggest tournaments around the world. He seems to be loved by a few, and respected by many for his hard work and dedication to tennis. On the other hand an increasing number of people are growing impatient at his lack of threat in the important matches against players ranked higher than him, and his style which is relentlessly intense and effective, if a bit repetitive.

So my question for you all is, why don't other top pros take a leaf out of Ferrer's book and work harder on fitness, put more hours in on the practice court, and finally discover a more balanced mentality?
that you have a hugely caricatural vision of Ferrer comparing to other players doesn't make it true

Besides, if you mean that Ferrer moves greater than most players on Tour, it's not only because he works very hard but also because of his body constitution and "talent" for that.

Never will Almagro, Wawrinka or Berdych move like Ferrer (I mentioned Almagro and Wawrinka because it's not only a matter of being short or tall), however hard they work, that's also a talent.

But it's far from being the only talent or ability that this guy has, comparing to the caricatural vision guys like you have from him.

Just watch his matches against Nadal in Barcelona last year, or against Del Po in Wimbledon, or against Berdych in Davis cup ... with an opened look, and maybe you will understand that this guy also knows how to play great tennis and position the ball in bad places for the opponent for multiple balls in a row, he has less power than others but it's not only that he moves great, even though it's also true and should also be considered as a tennis talent, especially in modern times.

Ferrer has benefitted from slower court conditions, that's true, but apart from that, just so many players are unable to just see what he does great, probably because they can't see that tennis is not only made of one shot but of several ones after the other The "tennis boom-boom" is just only one version of tennis, probably the easiest to understand but not the original or purest one.

In his young time, Ferrer had a very low self-confidence, I remember reading other players (seems they know something about tennis comparing to great MTF experts ) saying that he could play great but just didn't know it. Not only did he work hard but also he just realized his real abilities.

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