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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by arm View Post

I don't know. Americans Jess might be at work, stary can probably find a way to make it work but first she needs to want to do it first and Lee has to go get Lee Jr from school, not at 7pm my time, but a bit later.

We'll see.
Do I have to read back?

Me needing to want to do it goes for just about anything.

Raquel, here is a detailed article on the fire. I also read that hospitals in N. Dakota are going broke because of the oil boom and the transient uninsured workers who have quadtripled emergency room visits.

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
I dropped dead and slept for 12 hours after Nole's match
No wonder. You carried him to victory. And now you have to work for DC. You need rest.

Originally Posted by savesthedizzle View Post
I will be at work, plus I've seen Lincoln but you crazy kids have fun
Lincoln. Boys and girls please be aware this is not history but Spielberg. Also Lincoln was very thin and tall and lanky. I've got a great biography for you to read. Also there has been a series on PBS called The Abolitionists.

Really it is scary and horrifying to think how close the Supreme Court brought this country to declaring that all black people were subject to slavery and making slavery the law even in northern states.

Lincoln Is definitely my favorite president and also favorite person in history. Not that he was perfectly enlightened, but that he grew and learned and changed. Ok. I almost wrote a long essay but stopped myself.

I get too wrapped up in history. I've got some light books lined up once I finish Beevor's The Second World War.
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