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Re: how many slams do the following playing have in them?

Originally Posted by PedroMarquess View Post
You do realise that Novak is also a contender for RG and Wimbledon? 2 nd favourite for RG (probably 1st this year) and 3rd for Wimbledon?

You do realise that Novak has less 100 matches in him?

You do realise that he's world number 1 and 1 year younger than Nadal?

You do realise that Nadal's knee problems are way worse than Novak's?

You do realise that Nadal's movement at 30 years old won't be enough to win RG?

I don't think that Novak will win much more than 4 slams, but saying that he and Nadal will win the same amount until they retire doesn't seem very wise.
just an FYI if you were familiar at all with Nadal's recent knee problems, it was not the old legendary one that has made him be out, it was something to do with the tension against the fat pad on the knee that caused him severe pain. his knees may or may not be in shape to last for a number of years

you do realize that Nadal is not even 27 yet? he in all liklihood will be able to compete very seriously at RG for at least 3+ years and you seriously do not think he will be massive favorite even with hurt knees? the odds on Nadal winning RG this season EVEN if he didn't play AT ALL up until the tournament would still have him as #1 favorite. that is just the nature of being so dominant and such a specialist on a surface.

once again, this is a prediction thread, I have tried to explain some of my opinions to you but it is not up to me to make a prediction that you agree with. hence why everyone makes THEIR OWN predictions.

I have already explained to you, however, that Nadal excels on CLAY which is easy on the knees. Djokovic on hard courts which are VERY tough on the knees. just judging by Nadal's already adjusted schedule this season, it is obviously he is trying to adjust to accomodate his career lasting longer. if you truly do not think it's possible that Novak and Nadal will both burn out, then you are not having an open mind. you certainly will not see Rafael sliding that much on hard court...

also Novak is not in the top tier on grass and may or may not be on clay. the reality is he is proven to be the best of the best on hard courts, which happen to kill the body and knees, and that it would be dumb to assume that he is never going to have injury problems. good luck with that. I predict they win the same amount more grand slams mainly just because of how great Nadal is on clay. and maybe do me a favor, look at scorelines of the last # of Roland Garros's that Rafael has won-- notice something? he wins by big margins the majority of his matches. even if he decreases in movement he still will be the favorite. that's why I can see him winning 3 more

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