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Re: The Lurkers Melting Pot - Sponsored by all our "rocking" Lurkers !

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
Sham. Really disappointed Murray didn't win. I don't know why but I've really warmed to him lately...must be the effects of living in London and seeing his face everywhere.

On another note, I'm so in love with Arcade Fire's latest album.
Heya Twii long time no lurk. I can't complain, 4th major final in a row. He better win AO soon, T-bomb might explode anytime soon..

Done with the education over here then? (Masters was it?) Bet you're glad to be home. You missed the terrific snow though. Nothing better than being pelted by random kids on the street.

Originally Posted by noddzy View Post
all. Happy with the AO2013 result (sorry Shamster)- though I have to grudgingly admit that Murray's forehand has increased in power dramatically !

@Tripster, I like Mylo a (Xy)lot(o) too - My favorites are 'Hurts like heaven', 'Princess of China' ( and of course Paradise)
Heya Noddzter long time no lurk (you two aren't the same person are you? Always figured you were Maya is disguise), yeah he's improving all the time, Djokovic fans better not get too complacent. Results thread suggests it's too late for that.
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