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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by arm View Post
There was this club/pub in Budapest, where all the ERASMUS students would go once a week on wednesdays. Nothing special really, the only special thing about it is that all the foreign students studying in Budapest for a year would go there, so it would feel familiar, talking to people in the same circumstances, sometimes even meeting people from your own country, etc.... It was like a basement.

One day I was looking around, and I realized, if there was a fire in that place, pretty much nobody would make it out of there, really, only one way out and you had to go up a narrow staircase, the walls were covered in wood. I didn't stop going there, but needless to say I was always worried.
A table near the stairs!

Life is so dreadfully random. If we started looking at all the dangers, we would be paralyzed.

In Austin one time a car crashed into the living room of a house. The funny thing is that the house was a place were people with agoraphobia sometimes met for group sessions.

I just drove 2500 miles. Nothing happened, but there were some scary places where things might have happened. People drive like banshees between Austin and Houston. It's about 80 all the way and people are pushing to get ahead all the time. It's crazy really because is getting someplace 15 minutes faster really worth all the risk and stress?
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