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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by IncrediBale View Post
Sit on briefcase
I did that for a while, then I realised that I would actually need to sort things out so it would fit comfortably!

Originally Posted by arm View Post
Just grab some clothes and put them inside a bag. easy thanks George
Did it in the end. Not as straightforward as that, but not too difficult either.

Originally Posted by star View Post
Enough underwear and socks for each day. Belts. Couple slacks. Belt Couple pullovers (or jumpers as you strangely call them) Jacket. Shaving kit. deoderant. Toothbrush and paste.

roll the pullovers, underwear and socks. hang or fold slacks flat.

Done and dusted.

It's so easy to pack for a man.
The difficult bit is actually motivating myself to start the task in the first place. Also, all the folding of clothes is such a bore. Generally I like to just chuck all may clothes in without taking the time to fold them.

Originally Posted by arm View Post
This x10. We need to choose shoes... how do we even choose shoes. And accept the fact that we are only taking one purse. Plus think about makeover and other beauty stuff that I am still not sure it actually makes us more beautiful. Plus bras, they occupy space and have weird forms, so it's hard packing them in the right space.
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