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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by Trollicki View Post
Heck, if I feel this old while I´m 22, I don´t want to know how I´ll feel in 20-30 years But seriously now, I think part of the reason people in their early 20´s feel old from time to time is because that is the period that they see a new generation growing up that is different than themselves. Even though I can recognize some things in this generation that us 90´s kids had, this generation clearly has a ethos of its´ own.

As far as technological and social changes go, I´m fairly certain the world will be very interesting in 50 years. Just how it will look, I can´t imagine.

I study European Studies, which can best be described as a mix of political sciences and history, with a bit of law and economics thrown in for good measure. It´s indeed an interesting time, not just because documents from the east become available, but documents from the west pertaining the Cold War as well. The tricks the two sides tried to pull on eachother are even dirtier than usually imagined.

Isn´t this smoked sausage? Fumeiro is probably a cognate of fumado/fumato, which refer to smoking.
Yeah but fumeiro is a group of food, all smoked. Not just sausages. It's complicated, and probably untranslatable.

Come on we are 22, we are not old. This whole messed up crisis and global situation is making us feel old, but we need to fight that.
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