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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by Trollicki View Post
No badreps as of yet, but I did get a goodrep from a poster today who said that my statement was ´badrep worthy´. Very odd
What? Who's this dumb poster? And what the hell did he or she mean?

I swear to god I am SO bored. Let me tell you what my life is right now. I am in a town with a population of 20.000 people, there is no cinema here, no theater, not even a mall for me to go window shopping. It' rainy and cold, so sports outside is not a choice as much as it's me favorite thing to do here. Anything you could suggest that I could do outside of home here, any activity outside of home? I can't because: either A) the weather does not allow me, or B) there is no such thing in this town. And then you might add, but at least you have friends and family. To which I can answer: no I do not. My friends are not here because they are away in the city they study or work doing exactly that: studying for exams or working, the only friend I have here is starting a company from zero and is to busy to have to time to do nothing with me. And then there is family. My sister and mother leave home around 8am to go study and work, and they come back around 7 or 8pm, the little time they spend home they run around the house taking showers, getting ready for the next day and eating and at 10pm they go to bed because they are tired and need to rest. As for dad, well same thing as mom.

I know, I know, a week ago I was begging for this. Complaining about not having time to do anything. But this is too blank. The most exciting thing that happened in my life during the last week was Nole beating Ferrer and that took 1 and half hour and I slept through the first set.

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