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Re: Australian Open

Originally Posted by Slade View Post
Ferrer interview (copied from Nole Fan's post):

"I couldn't do anything. I must accept this was a trashing".

"I've never lost in a slam with such a bad scoreline. Well, maybe against Rafa at RG but this has been worse. The worst loss in my career".

"It's hard for me to accept that he is so superior to me when we're only separated by three ranks".

"It's very difficult to get to a slam final, though it isn't always up to me. I always lost against the best. They're better than me, what can I say?"
This is very sad, but at the same time, it's true.

Really, I don't know what to think. I'd like to shame him up and say, "bloody hell, you CAN beat these players, just stop being so hard on yourself!!!" But is that true? I know he can beat them, and he HAS (people, including Ferrer himself, seem to forget that... Judging from the articles written on this semi, you would think he has zero victory against any of the Big 4!) But the question is, can he beat the kind of Djokovic we saw yesterday?

As I said, Ferrer's attitude is unusual for a high level sportsman. Usually, great champions always have some sort of arrogance about them, they can be sore losers (Rafa is...), they can get really frustrated when they lose and they are not always classy. But I truly believe that Ferrer has come this far because he's not like that. He has developed his own philosophy, the one that works for him, and it is based on being extremely realistic about his chances, even when it looks like a lack of belief.
Now maybe this was a good thing so far, and it has to change if he wants to go even higher. That's also a possibility.

Originally Posted by iramlatif View Post
You are right Sophitia, but at the same time I don't want him to go down on himself. I dont want him to think "this is all I got and cant push anymore". I guess next up for him is the latin swing. There he has quite a few points to retain...and with Rafa there too it can be worrisome!
Well, he did say in his tweet that he was going to work on improving his game. So he's trying to accept this defeat and see what can be done. His post-defeats interviews are often heartbreaking because he has the ability to analyze the situation in such a realistic way, even when it's a really harsh lesson for him. But I believe he still has resources and he will try to turn this into something good.

Originally Posted by Edda View Post
I had mixed feelings about Ferru becoming number 4 at Rafa's expense. David Ferrer has had a great last couple of years, and his hard work should be rewarded, but it is sad to think that Rafa could slip even lower than number five. I just hope he will be back healthy again. I feel I wasted two weeks of my life watching this stupid tournament.
I have mixed feelings too, because I think that one of Ferrer's real problems is his "illegitimacy complex". At the same time, he will tell you repeatedly that if he's number 5, it's because he's better than the rest but not as good as the Top 4. But you can still see that deep inside, he's still the same guy who said "I'm the worst Top 100 player in history" and repeated the same thing every time he overcame another obstacle to enter the Top 50, Top 20, Top 10, Top 5...
So I'm afraid that being N°4, and knowing that he's there just because Nadal is injured, might actually worsen this complex.

It doesn't help that there are so many morons who keep repeating that he doesn't belong there, has "no natural talent", has already reached his limits and that kind of bullshit.

Don't feel that you have wasted your time Edda... David made the semis, that's still his best performance to date, and what he did against Nico in quarters was absolutely phenomenal. True, it's always dispiriting to end on such an anticlimax, but I don't feel so bad because my approach to the Ferrer-Djokovic match was that it would only be a bonus and a great surprise if Ferru had won, but I was expecting him to lose (not that badly, but in the end, it makes no difference).
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