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Re: Djokovic on Armstrong, cycling, doping etc

Originally Posted by SliceAce View Post
You mention 2010, maybe you remember this match:


besides the obvious, it's interesting that his serving problem has gone away, which he originally changed because he had a poor motion which made him use extra energy. Guess he just has extra energy to spare with his new diet.
That's actually incorrect. If you watch Nole in 2007, for instance, when he defeated Federer in the Canada Masters final, he served really easily and well. Then Nole had a minor injury and in order to protect the shoulder he changed his serving motion. That was a mistake and he acquired bad habits. Then he hired Todd Martin who really messed up his serving, once Todd Martin was gone, he relearned his serving motion. It was very gradual: it started by tossing the ball a little higher in the beginning. It's nothing to do with strength or energy.

I was there, suffering in 2009, when Nole hit more double faults than aces.

I guess you will see what you want to see. Maybe he has found a drug that helps him keep his nerves to save MP after MP.

But I wonder why he didn't dope for the USO final, when he clearly lost because his legs gave p, having had to play 3 days in a row. Surely that match was important enough to desevre a good dose.

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