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Re: The Ferrer Model

Ferrer is a pure percentage tennis player. He doesn't defend exclusively, but he only attacks when he has a high percentage chance of it coming off. As a result he pretty much always beats the players he should beat - but by the same token his lack of imagination and predictability means he has zero chance of beating players significantly better than he is.

Guys like Tsonga and Berdych could learn a lot from Ferrer when it comes to being less streaky. But equally, Ferrer could learn a lot from Tsonga and Berdych when it comes to playing guys significantly better than you. In those matches you have to take risks, go for the low percentage shots, back yourself to play a game that shouldn't work and maybe sometimes it does.

I think someone like Djokovic is a pretty good mix of the two. I mean sure, he's a lot more talented than Ferrer, but his default game is very Ferrer-like. But unlike Ferrer, he also has the confidence to go for the big shots. He plays safe when it is smart, but he also sees where the safe option is not going to work - and he has to the audacity to risk the low percentage play and live or die by the sword.

Sometimes you've just got to put it all on black, spin the wheel and hope for the best.
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