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Re: The Ferrer Model

Originally Posted by Mountaindewslave View Post
uhhh the reason is that their games are higher risk, Ferrer is a pure defender who is content (and frankly only can) defend defend defend and hope that his opponent hits errors. against lesser opponents sometimes David plays more aggressively and hones in on winners but the fact is that everyone else in the top 10 has weapons so he just reflects the ball over and over. he actually reminds me of what Novak Djokovic would be if he had no weapons, because Ferrer is an amazing defender but unfortunately he has NO kill shots

I'd rather the other players up there like Tsonga/Berdych etc play risky tennis than try to play a conservative game like Ferrer BUT even if they wanted to it would be to no avail because they aren't as fast/good at defending

Ferrer's game works for him because he's one of the best movers on tour but as we saw last night, he fails when he plays an opponent who moves similarly well + has weapons
well, Djokovic is a good example of a top player who improved his fitness and mental concentration. I don't consider Djokovic a pure defender with no weapons, but he benefited greatly by making his defense rock-solid and taking the "running out of gas" problem out of the equation.

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