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Re: How to Woo an Out And Out Beautiful Woman?

Originally Posted by hipolymer View Post
Best advice that can ever be given to a person. This'll get you that woman and more:
Great article!

I love their take on the "nice guy" approach. I'm so tired of that argument, "women don't like nice guys", "they don't like me because I am too nice", "then they must prefer jerks"... One of the most often repeated misogynistic myths.
I love how clearly they explain why that approach makes no sense. Apply to yourself the same standard you apply to others. Simple as that. So-called "nice guys" don't go after a woman because she's "nice", do they? They go after her because they find her hot, or at least attractive.
Funny thing is, I've rarely seen a woman complain that it was unfair because she was a "nice girl" and didn't get attention from guys. Girls will usually whine that they are too ugly, too uninteresting, too fat... In other words, unlike men, they have been used to the idea that they are supposed to make themselves attractive to men, or else, blame it only on themselves (and what they are "inside" will matter only if they are attractive in the first place).
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