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Re: The Ferrer Model

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
He is living proof that a modestly talented player can achieve a lot with structure, organisation and a hell of a lot of work.

So why don't players like Berdych, Del Potro and Tsonga at least take a leaf out of Ferrer's book? The trio aforementioned would far outclass Ferrer if they were a little more tactically astute, well disciplined & bold.

So is it a matter of laziness, lack of motivation to dedicate more than they do to tennis or something else?
Say Tsonga, Berdych and Delpo were to work as hard during training as Ferrer and they learned to be as organised, would that increase their tactical astuteness, boldness and discipline as you state in the next paragraph? I am not sure that is the case. It would help them of course if they had more stamina and better discipline, things one might learn by training relentlessly. Heck, by having more stamina they would not have the need to play as many low percentage shots as they do now, enabling them to choose their moments better. Still, tactical awareness and boldness, not to mention the respective deficits each of their games has can only be remedied if they are helped by the right coaching. Why, Tsonga has shown in these two weeks that a short time with Rasheed has gone some way in ameliorating his BH.

In summation: it´s not just the motivation they need to make that transition, but good structural guidance as well.
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