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Re: How to Woo an Out And Out Beautiful Woman?

Originally Posted by Shinoj View Post
Dealing with all that is quite Difficult to be Honest and i wouldnt blame any Guy if he eventually turns into a Fool.
But i think i need to be an Asshole . The One who doesnt think Much and just does things at the spur of the Moment. I know Girls have a Certain Thing for such Guys. The one Marlon Brando Plays in the movie "Streetcar named Desire". An Old Hollywood Movie.

But i despised such Guys all my Life and i find it hard to become like that just to get a Beautiful Woman. Its a Moral Dilemna of sorts.
Correction: You don't need to be an asshole to get women.

What you do need, to get women, is a big backbone. By this I mean you don't pander to women, you stand up for yourself and your opinion and don't just agree with women in regards to everything. You don't treat women as if they're some special entity and don't treat them like princesses.

Now the reason why it may seem like women go for assholes is because most assholes do meet quite a lot of these requirements. But obviously they have other opinions as well which make them assholes. Women don't like men who bow down to them and worship them. Even if they did like it, there's no need to treat women as anything more special than a man.
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