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Re: Do you Serbs regret ideas of Milosovic?

Originally Posted by vucina View Post
Wow, I forgot Sweet Cleo opened this shit.
Anyway, what ideas of Milosevic? How to rob Serbian people of their money? How to stay in power until he dies?
If you think he was a nationalist, think again. All he did was betraying Serbs west of Drina river. He sold them thinking he will be awarded Nobel peace prize. Seriously. He desperately wanted approval from Americans like a molested dog from his master.
About the war, he tied the army's hands and let our enemies grow stronger. He should have used everything on our disposal and napalm bombed Croatia in '91. There would be no war in Bosnia after that.
Caesar1844, if you want us to grovel and apologize for defending our land and people, you won't get that satisfaction. Milosevic wasn't a hero, but Radovan and Ratko are in the hearts of huge majority of Serbs.
Ah, here's one of those who dislike Milosevic because he was too soft. Luckily that train has left the station long time ago. And your "huge majority" is just a small herd of dinosaurs these days.

Ne volem nikog lutko
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