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Re: Do you Serbs regret ideas of Milosovic?

Originally Posted by vucina View Post
Wow, I forgot Sweet Cleo opened this shit.
Anyway, what ideas of Milosevic? How to rob Serbian people of their money? How to stay in power until he dies?
If you think he was a nationalist, think again. All he did was betraying Serbs west of Drina river. He sold them thinking he will be awarded Nobel peace prize. Seriously. He desperately wanted approval from Americans like a molested dog from his master.
About the war, he tied the army's hands and let our enemies grow stronger. He should have used everything on our disposal and napalm bombed Croatia in '91. There would be no war in Bosnia after that.
Caesar1844, if you want us to grovel and apologize for defending our land and people, you won't get that satisfaction. Milosevic wasn't a hero, but Radovan and Ratko are in the hearts of huge majority of Serbs. If you are shocked by this, we don't give a rat's ass. You're probably a westerner and your opinion is not very important for us. We just look to survive and hold on until Muslim masses and other third worlders destroy your rotten countries from within.
To all my Serbian brethren "defending" Serbia from USA, Canada, Australia, Germany... stop being hypocrites and come back home before it's too late.
What a load of crap. This ranks among the worst posts I have ever read.

A shame really, to think how a state propaganda of xenophobia and hatred can destroy a soul of a young man. Do you realize that before 1990s no one talked like this? Not in Belgrade, not in Sarajevo, not in Zagreb.

Can you even try to begin to understand the magnitude of crime that has been done to people, especially your generation in the entire region? To you personally as well. (the time of your growing up is painfully obvious). It required LOTS of poison - and the masterminds lived in my own city. Such an enormous tragedy. Everyone wants to be a victim in the Balkans, enough to make any sane person sick.

Will you ever understand how pitiful this is?
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