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Re: Grinding wins agains, speed up the courts or the sport will die.

Originally Posted by serveandvolley80 View Post
Posters like Cveks with their uninformed opinions and complete bias and love towards one player display a huge problem with individual sports to begin with, Once Djokovic is gone so is another person watching the sport. The short sighted nature of the ATP to promote 4 players as the be all end all of the sport is what is going to kill it because there is no long term strategy and focus on the youngsters and the route the game is going.

With a variety of surfaces slow and fast players would not have to destroy their bodies to entertain ignorant casuals who will stop watching as soon as a player they have not heard of outside of the top 3 or 4. It does not favor the sport to have one of the big stars being crippled and injured the entire year because hes the energizer bunny with not enough brains to think of his playing career beyond his mid 20's. Some of these guys have to be saved from themselves. Who else is tired of athletes Lance Armstronging their way to victory?

As far as court homogenization, can you image any other sport killing its own variety because they think its better? American football as an example, for fans here, would you watch if all of a sudden the passing game dies and every team relies on their running game only, you would only see 3 or 4 passes a game tops. Just slow defensive football. I guess the same could be applies to soccer though i have not followed that sport for a while so i do not know if teams copying each others style has become a problem or not.
Interesting. How come all of a sudden there is a homogenization ? what is this crappy analysis anyway ?? the times have changed and it's not all surface -surface. Have to mention that, while there was the domination Fed Nadal for few years no body cried this much , everyone was in admiration of these great god like players. It is only now that there's Djokovic Murray as well that some people started to cry .
The fact that there's Djokovic Murray who are also versatile players on all surfaces beats the theory that it is uniform (the surface or the game itself)

So, They will give you super fast surface tournament and then what ? some serve bots will reach the final and it will be deadly boring will last 1h 1/2 and what? We might as well give them wooden racquets so they'll have to slow down ), and will run less... and it'll be again like nastase ,mcenroe ! no injuries , no daily athletic prep. physios nothing..

The surface is not that much of an issue as much as the players are.. How come the top 3 top 4 are versatile players and they excel on every court? logically nadal should have never won Wimb, Indian wells, etc.. neither Nole .. but we saw also big servers like berdych ,soderling reach the final and we saw what happened to them ..
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