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Re: Djokovic on Armstrong, cycling, doping etc

Originally Posted by tektonac View Post
your happiness makes me happy too.

Originally Posted by itsmeagain View Post
The eyes are on novak at the moment. The sky news segment on his match was introduced with "novak refused to answer questions about recovery"......

I think he is legally clean and just doing old school methods but I dont know. If there is a doping list and some new variant that is not on it - "legally" you can take it.

I just wish he replaced the word legally with morally. I'm a brit - You gotta win fair. lol
I agree with everything you posted. Exactly, I mean MTF and the mods are very finicky about accusing players of doping etc. So I won't say anything on that but I will say that it's one thing to make these comments during your career and another after you have retired. Who knows what may or may not come to light in the future?

Originally Posted by BauerAlmeida View Post
Few players on tour are as solid from both wings as Djokovic. He has amazing ground-strokes and can play offensive tennis. He is not like Ferrer whose game is 95% grinding. So no, he will not retire before 30.

He doesn't fake injuries. He had a lot of problems early in his career. And the methods aren't unfair if they're not banned. Every player can use them. Unlike Armstrong blood doping and EPO. Those were banned.
LOL. Oh c'mon he's a counter puncher stop it. Stop trying to be one of those posters that needs to convince everyone that Novak has this well rounded miracle game.

He retrieves and he takes offense when he gets an opportune shot. I will say he's slightly more offensive minded that Rafa but he's by no means a shot maker.

Don't be ashamed of your favorite's play style and don't be disillusioned he's not Federer.

Originally Posted by Han Solo View Post
It's rather unfair of Sky here to target Djokovic just because he prefers his training methods to be kept private.

But it's great that the issue of doping in tennis is finally getting some exposure.

Yea, no comment.

The persons in charge of tennis don't want doping to be discovered. There's too much money at stake. Doping exists and possibly some top players do it. Until a top guy comes out and confesses/whistle blows the others I doubt we will know about it. It's probably the one way, ITF...ATP...the Slams...they don't want to uncover anything. It would be an embarrassment and a loss of revenue big time!

Originally Posted by leng jai View Post
Anyone who says any player has no chance against Dolgopolov is clearly trolling.
That's the gospel.
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