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Re: Grinding wins agains, speed up the courts or the sport will die.

Originally Posted by Caesar1844 View Post
I changed it immediately cause I expressed myself badly. What I mean is that pretty much everyone in the Balkans regards Serbia as the bad guys. You guys didn't do yourselves any favours during the war with Srebrenica etc.

Croats, Bosnians, Slovenians etc. all cheer for each other but Serbia are kind of on their own. Ask a Bosnian or a Croatian why they don't cheer for Serbia in sport and you will get a mouthful of abuse.

But that's all kinda irrelevant. I was just trying to answer the question, don't really wanna get into a historical debate.
Nope. We have good relations to all our neighbors except with Croats, Albanians , and Bosnian Muslims - which is no surprise because these three nations were all of them part of Hitler Nazi forces in WW2 and committed horrible atrocities and genocide on Serb civilians whenever they was able to do that. They killed woman, childen, old man, they have dozens of concentration camps , they even had children concentration camp. Biggest of this camp was Jasenovac concentration camp in which they killed more than 700.000 Serbs, Jews and Gypsies.

Same did Albanians who put Serbs from Kosovo into concentration camps in Albania.

They did all of that because they believed that, we , Serbs, are lower life nation who needs to be exterminated in same fashion in which Nazi's exterminated Jews in Third Reich.

More than 1.5 Serbian civilians were killed in World War 2 by Nazi puppet regimes in Croatia, Bosnia and Greater Albania.

I know this is off topic, but its great insult for us , to compare us with Nazi's because our nation was big victim of Nazi regime. Did you know that only in occupied Serbia , Nazi's had a law to shot down 100 people, civilians for each dead soldier, and 50 for each wounded. So when partisans killed some Nazi soldiers in ambush they committed mass executions of citizens in Kraljevo and Kragujevac. They even entered into school and took more than 100 children and executed them.

You can read all that on wikipedia if you want to learn history.

So please stop doing that and go back on to the topic. Thanks.

Originally Posted by MuzzahLovah View Post
Outstanding play on that bp. Djokovic was ahead in that point at the start.

If Berdych can't keep a double break lead I'm done with tennis.
Djokovic took set 6-4 against Berdych.

“Does Djokovic resemble myself?” Agassi said. “No, he is even better. He defends really well, while I struggled more in that element of the game. Novak looks totally relaxed when defending, completely calm and the quality of his return is incredible. He is also extremely flexible in his game, which is facilitated by his ability to anticipate his rival’s moves. That is why I think he is a much more versatile player than I was and he is also much more athletic.”
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