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Re: 2013 Australia, new adventure begins in Down Under

Originally Posted by turtle-rn View Post
If you can dismiss the GM comments as trolls' mumbo jumbos, why not do the same when you stumble upon similar comments on French websites, even more so if you not sure to fully grasp their meaning?
That's bcos it's always the same idiots that are trolling the GM, you get to know them so well that you know whatever they said are nonsenses. But in the French websites, I don't pay as much attention to who's the regulars so I don't tend to censor the posters as much. Perhaps I should.

Originally Posted by turtle-rn View Post
When I started posting in the Simon forum, half of the regular posters were French and pretty much fluent in English. Those French posters were also the ones that kept the Tsonga and Monfils forums alive. They're almost all gone now. Wonder why.
Oh, I see. And may I say the Frenchies here speak very well English, to be clear I wasn't suggesting that they are not in here bcos of their language ability, only bcos of their preference. I sometimes want to post a line or 2 on those French sites too, but I usually give up after trying for a while to work out the sentence, fearing I would make a fool of myself.

Originally Posted by turtle-rn View Post
It's not only a lie, that statement doesn't make sense. From start to finish of the event, each of the seven show courts has its own HD stream that is displayed on TV on top of the two regular channels that focus on the two main courts. In other words, it's only the OOP that decides whose match gets air time and the last time Simon played on a no-show court.. well, I'm not even sure it ever happened. I'd take a wild stab and say those US commentators were not exactly Simon fans.
True. And very obviously that US tennis commentators aren't Simon fans. If you look at the stars in US tennis, you will find a pattern, big servers or spoiled brats, or both (Roddick/Fish/Harrison...). You don't get famous in US if you are quiet and have counter-punching game. Of course I don't believe a single thing they said about Simon or a lot of other tennis players. But like GillesAddict said, the perception their BS created usually painted Gilles in a very negative way. It's a very sad thing for the fans in this part of the world. Granted there are exceptions, every year in USO, the NYTimes will write articles about the players and I've read several that was written on Gilles and they are very nice true one, that is because the writer actually spent time researching and talked to Gilles and the people around him to get the clear picture of things. That's a rare thing in the commentators world. For example, the commentators always said Gilles' family don't travel with him much if at all, that's probably bcos they never find them in the stand. But I think they actually are with him quite a lot, Karine always go to the Spring and Summer US swings, she's always with him in Germany during summers, she's there in most of the French tournaments if not all, I saw her couples of years in Rome in the stands, last year they were in S.A. before IW, this year they are in Australia. That's at least half of the season there. You won't know if you just look at the stands, but I always noticed her present in itw/news or simply just spot her at the stands far away from the player box. She's always there. Clearly, commentators know little but they pass out their words like that's the only truth.

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