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Re: Djokovic on Armstrong, cycling, doping etc

Originally Posted by Fumus View Post
Armstrong is maybe one of the best athletes the world has ever known.
Prior to working with doctor Ferrari, Armstrong raced the Tour four times and managed to finish only once (just inside the top 50).
Cleanish (he wasn't blood doping yet before his cancer, buth did all the steroids, epo, hgh and testosterone) he was an average cyclist.

Do you also believe 9/11 was a hoax along with the recent shooting in Newtown CT?
Are you really unaware of how Armstrong scammed the cancer community by creating a separate, for-profit company using the Livestrong name and logo??

Here's some reading material:

What do any of those facts have to do with my argument that doping exists in tennis, Novak is a punk and Lance is the greatest? Just curious.

I can name a bunch of unrelated facts too...

FACT : It's impossible to hum while plugging your nose.
FACT : Four is the only number that has the same amount of letters as its actual value
FACT: Those stars and colours you see when you rub your eyes are called phosphenes.

I guess we can all see who won this argument now.
Whatever argument you were trying to make, you lost when you didn't use the word liar when you called Lance the greatest.

Yes it was great read wasn't it? I'm glad it's not just us stupid Americans who believe he was the greatest ever.
Shame, all that time waste reading about Binda, Coppi, Bartali, Merckx, Anquetil, de Vlaeminck, Hinault.
All that time watching the Giro, Paris-Roubaix, Tour of Flanders, Omloop het Volk...

I could have just gotten all my cycling knowledge from the Toronto Sun like you.

Here's a clue, post less watch tennis more.
And a clue to you, stick to what you know.

17 (yes, yes, yes!) Slams! And counting....
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