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Re: 2013 Australia, new adventure begins in Down Under

Originally Posted by lalaland View Post
GM is different, too many trolls and haters who aim to make other fans mad by saying mean things about pretty much every player. I try to not care about whatever they have to say.
If you can dismiss the GM comments as trolls' mumbo jumbos, why not do the same when you stumble upon similar comments on French websites, even more so if you not sure to fully grasp their meaning?

Originally Posted by lalaland View Post
I do wonder. So why?
I can only come up with the fact that this is an English forum, maybe the French rather hang out in the French forums? I don't know.
When I started posting in the Simon forum, half of the regular posters were French and pretty much fluent in English. Those French posters were also the ones that kept the Tsonga and Monfils forums alive. They're almost all gone now. Wonder why.

Originally Posted by lalaland View Post
Of course I don't believe it. But since I don't get to watch French TV, I don't feel confident enough to say that's a total lie.

But come to think of it, of course he's on French TV, he's playing all his matches on Chatrier last year. I do notice that he played more matches on Chatrier than Tsonga in the first 3 rounds.

But my point is, here in the US, we don't really know. I thought I know since I read whatever that I can get a hand on, which is very little to begin with. So I'm sure my perception is only based on a fraction of the whole reality.
It's not only a lie, that statement doesn't make sense. From start to finish of the event, each of the seven show courts has its own HD stream that is displayed on TV on top of the two regular channels that focus on the two main courts. In other words, it's only the OOP that decides whose match gets air time and the last time Simon played on a no-show court.. well, I'm not even sure it ever happened. I'd take a wild stab and say those US commentators were not exactly Simon fans.

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