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Re: Murray camp unhappy with schedule

Originally Posted by Zepploydath View Post
Is it really that much to ask Murray gets one night match on Rod Laver? Yes the matches he's played have been easy but it gives a player an advantage if they've played almost all of their matches at night and another player none when there is a chance they'll play in the semi's. Although atleast Murray is more suited to a night match than Federer.
Then why are you not outraged at Chardy playing his first match at RLA against Murray, who will be much more used to the court? It is alright to give a player a disadvantage (yours words, not mine) as long as he's not a top player? Sounds legit.

Supporting Jamvo1 for the ACC. Because he's not just playing for himself but sacrificing himself for the greater good, because he represents a noble cause (PM for details).

Because Jamvo1 is not the hero we deserve, but he's the hero we need. And because his victory will leave all the butthurt haters in ruins.
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