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Re: Grinding wins agains, speed up the courts or the sport will die.

Originally Posted by Slasher1985 View Post
Why are you spelling there wrong? Aren't you American?

Anyway, you're right. The audience likes long spectacular rallies. But, they also like it even more if the rally is long on high-speed courts, because the defense on those courts is close to impossible, yet the players are still able to get the ball. The slower the court is, the higher chance that long unspectacular rallies with nothing special exist.
No, I'm Croatian and English is not my first language.

Also, exactly! Slower courts make the longer rallies unspectacular because it's way easier to get the balls back, when the rallies were long and the players were getting tons of balls back on faster courts it was a true spectacle.

Originally Posted by Trollicki View Post
Yes. The fact that people were talking in superlatives about last year's final here. The fact they did the same thing two days ago after the Djokovic-Wawrinka match. The fact that they pay to see matches. The fact that there seems to be an increasing focus on the physical aspects of tennis. Etc.
Okay, and like I said these kind of long rallies are 100% possible on faster courts; anyone that's watched tennis for a while would know this.

If anything slowing down the courts make these rallies unspectacular.
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