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Re: THE Country Celebration Thread

I agree, him per ban wasn't fair at all, I think the mods/admin got sick of him and his behavior and I really can't tell u how many time I told him like everyone to behave or he will get a per ban and it did nothing to him. Besides the lying dont forget he show ppl his cp and there's a bad rep from me when I gave him a good one!!!!!! Ppl call him off bc everyone knows I never gave bad rep to ppl.
And the last drama, he came back 2 weeks ago and just wanted to ruin the threads, forget about all the ppl he got angry, bad rep or start a fight with b4 the per ban, he came with a double and trash ppl, no idea what he said bc the account was in my ignore.

If it wasn't for the DA and the mess in the threads I think mayb he could send mail to the admins and talk to them but after the DA he burned himself.

Sad story, I would have send pm to the mods Or mail just like I did about Sam ( masterclass and mimi knows bc they saw it and we had a talk about my pm+ mails to the mods) and maybe it would have help in Dylan's case bc it was different from CD's case.

Anyway I think the bridges are burn and it's over from the mods point of view.

Hug it out as long as it takes, people
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