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Re: Djokovic on Armstrong, cycling, doping etc

Originally Posted by tangerine_dream View Post
Saying "I support stricter doping tests" is empty language. The solution is not more drug testing but smarter testing. Banning players because they took a cold medicine or smoked marijuana (mostly a depressant) but tests for blood doping is still widely ineffective pretty much makes the whole thing a farce.

They can test athletes more and more but the A-listers like Armstrong have the money and connections to stay ahead of the doping game while the B-listers get caught smoking dope during their vacation.
The counter argument to that would be if enough B-listers get caught they will start to close the circle on the A-listers as well. In the same example you used, Armstrong, he did not get caught by testing, but enough members of his team did and in order to help ease their punishment and having to testify under oath with perjury concerns they made an overwhelming body of evidence against Armstrong. Do you think they would have volunteered the information have they not get caught in the first place? Armstrong would not be in the position he is in today if it wasn't for nearly all of those around him getting caught.

In tennis that would be more difficult given it is not an openly team sport like cycling, but it is not as an individual sport as some people think. In my view, it is a very much group activity in many senses full of inner circles of trainers, coaches, players from certain countries who will group together and push each other. And it is no surprise that you see countries doing well in bunches usually, I mean, there you have a country with no tradition in Tennis practically never a top 20 and it start to appear players inside the top 10 2 at the same time and elsewhere close to the elite. And we have a few examples of this.

Anyway, I don't think this is a solvable problem for the time being. The public and the authorities don't care enough, the mainstream public is hypocritical due to miss information by the media that only single out the ones the sport puts to hang dry. The big public only cares when it is a big story, like Armstrong, but why don't they care and direct this attention to know how are their favorite sport anti-doping run right now. Does it have enough money to run efficiently? Does it uses cutting edge scientific methods to be effective? Does it have clear loopholes? for all of these, Tennis program would be a resounding: well below satisfactory. And if the public doesn't demand it seriously, the Sporting authorities have no reason to taint their product by screwing its big pay makers.

The only reason Armstrong really got caught also was because a US government Anti-doping agency step in and made an independent thorough investigation. And needless to say that is reported that they did approach them and offered a hefty some of money to drop it. So This will only be solvable when the public cares enough and we have a real independent and strong agency to regulate it, otherwise is just hypocrisy and PR BS.

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