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Re: Rafachat - vol. 79. Rafa to win the WSOP next year! Bamos! :rocker2:

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
as usual Maria V losing her pants when one of the rich Swiss guys post here compared to me who doesnt even get a hello welcome

Originally Posted by MariaV View Post
Plus Fed is definitely not a psycho like Lance, Rafa neither, hopefully. But well what do we know.
Fed definitely not
Rafa neither, hopefully...

hmmm, interesting choice of words which I shall blame to the regular MariaV program entitled: "sucking up to a swiss Fedtard".


What bothers me about this entire thing is the hypocrisy of sports journalism in all of this: until a couple of years ago, they were still swooning over Lance as the perfect athlete: the intelligent, hard-working ultimate professional.
I'm thinking about one particular journalist who wrote a book about the hero Lance (so, he earned quite a bit of money from it) and now, he claims that he knew a long time ago (since 2000 or so) that Lance was doping.
FFS, how do you combine your hero book with knowing he was doping?

Talking of those hero books: In a library in Australia, they were wondering what to do with all those Lance Armstrong hero books. They came up with a funny solution IMO: they moved all those books to the "fiction" section of the library.

Edit to add picture posted in non-tennis (by riboy)

So, after having turned him into a hero, claiming that Lance would never sink as deep as Virenque, Pantani & co but Lance achieved what he achieved due to hard work and sheer talent....yadda, yadda, yadda....many of those sports journalist are doing a massive U-turn on him.
They just go where the money goes: before, the "hero story" sold books, articles, t-shirts, bracelets,... now, the "cheating bastard" story sells articles and will sell books, movies, tv interviews,...
Not that I'm surprised by that U-turn but there's just too much hypocrisy on either side in this particular story. I guess the only explanation is that so many people really wanted to believe in the hero Lance story. It was easier to just push Pantani & co aside as villains.
Integrity doesn't come into it. "Show me the money" is more like it.

Many of those sports journalists were a whole lot more lenient towards Lance because of him being a cancer survivor, which he also used. In his interview, he talks about his life-time ban as having received the "death penalty".
--> Talk to Marco Pantano and Frank Vandenbroucke, dude. Compared with them, you're still being treated like royalty.

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