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Re: Grinding wins agains, speed up the courts or the sport will die.

lol at the hacks that are thinking that faster courts = serve fests. How much evidence is there of that outside of grass/carpet 90's courts?

What we want is a good balance between offence and defence. Currently the game is too defensive based, for any tennis fans taste. No way should grass and clay courts be of a similar speed - it should require mammoth skill to win both, which today it doesn't really have. The AO is a joke, who wants to sit through grindfests like Djokovic/Nadal? Who wants to see players hit 4-5 shots per rally yet still lose? And on a broader scale, who wants to see such a quadopoly like there is today?

I don't think many people want to see ace fests ala the 90's, but equally no-one wants to watch grindfests either. A good balance and variety is good for sport in general. Unfortunately most people who watch tennis watch it for the rivalries and the big shots rather than the game itself, so this will never happen.

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