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Re: Rafachat - vol. 79. Rafa to win the WSOP next year! Bamos! :rocker2:

Originally Posted by acionescu View Post
I don't normally think tennis players do dope.

WTH, i didnt even believe Lance was a doper until he confessed.
Me too actually! I believed Lance was clean. I wanted to believe it. It was just a fairy-tale story, I like those
Oh well what an idiot to survive cancer and then risk his life again on purpose while having a family

Originally Posted by MariaV View Post
Some have expressed doubts about tennis too, fewer out-of-competition tests recently etc. No point in naming names anyway without proof, Hilde's fave accused Söderling of all people lately btw. And kinda Nadal too of course.
I DO hope tennis is clean, I really really do. Maybe I'm naive as always. As I think that the Nadals would not do that to Rafa's health, not even for all those millions although who knows. I do hope I'm right because otherwise his uncle and others would be simply ruthless criminals like all those cycling people and I'd be really really disappointed. Things tend to come out eventually, I wonder how Armstrong & Co hoped nothing at that scale wouldn't come out.
True, lol... It is kinda naive to think these things will never catch up with you. on the other hand, if you love your sport and want to be the best, and you just know, I mean know for a fact that you will never be on top without using the same stuff the others do. that can be quite a dilemma...

Fed's parents were in the pharma industry so also, they should know what that could do to their son's health!
Well then they have perfect connections to get the newest stuff...

Plus Fed is definitely not a psycho like Lance, Rafa neither, hopefully. But well what do we know.
Fed not but R... just kidding it is hard to sometimes see behind the exterior. I mean not all doping is that dangerous, there is a blurred line, I'm sure there are lots of things out there that are still legal and it is not even clear what they do to the body. for example steroids were legal in the 1970's and people thought they were okay to take back then..

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