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Re: Grinding wins agains, speed up the courts or the sport will die.

Originally Posted by Caesar1844 View Post
Not really. It would change the game substantially, but it would mean less servebots, and you could speed up the courts and still have a decent number of rallies.

I mean, the serve was never supposed to be a way to regularly get free points. It's supposed to be the way to start the point. In every other 'net' sport (badminton, volleyball, table tennis) you only get one serve. Tennis you get two because back in the old days, it was so hard to get a serve in that a lot of the time you missed your first try.

Nowadays people could easily get their first serve if they had to, so the original reason for 2 serves has disappeared.

I'm not saying it's something I'm in favour of. Just that it's food for thought.
I assume you've never played tennis.

Serving well is just a developed talent as any other shot and aspect of the game. You speak as if it were something "cheap". It's probably the hardest shot to master in this sport and whoever manages to have a level of execution as good as players like Raonic in the present and Sampras in the past have must have a chance to use it to win points.

Taking away the second serve would turn the ATP into the WTA, that is: crap.
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