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Re: Grinding wins agains, speed up the courts or the sport will die.

I am actually the one who like fast courts, serve and volleying and so and I would like to watch more tennis on fast courts, but to be honest nobody cares about bunch of whiners in a forum. Rocketassist was right when he said "orgasmic reaction of the crowd is one of the key´s reason of slowing down". Certain masses still love to watch these grindfests between TOP players, it´s thrilling for them. Nadal - Djokovic matches are popular if you like it or not. The other reson is that some of the TOP players themselves wanted to slow down the courts. So, players are satisfied, organizers are satisfied because they sell a lot of tickets and certain masses are satisifed too. The sport will not die, I am actually affraid slow courts will be "popular" even more. You are lying to yourself if you think tennis will become less popular because of this and this is coming from a person who don´t like slow conditions.
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