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Re: Djokovic on Armstrong, cycling, doping etc

Originally Posted by philosophicalarf View Post
You know, I don't think so. From the players' perspectives, they get 10ish tests a year in competition, and have to give location data 365 days a year. That would be a major pain in the ass to comply with.

The problem of course is that the dopers have easy ways to avoid the tests. As Armstrong said last night, they have no fear of in-competition testing because they know they've flushed everything out of their system.

Armstrong also said blood passports work against doping (tennis doesn't use them), as does out of competition testing (tennis does such a microscopic number there's zero chance of catching anyone).

Is there doping in tennis? With basically no anti-doping system to speak of? Of course there is. Fuentes worked with hundreds of world class athletes, and said in 2006 that 20% of his clients were tennis players - he said that if he talked, Spain would lose the World Cup, and strangely enough the Spanish authorities buried the list of his clients

It's the dilemma of any governing body:

1) test properly, you will catch lots, and the sport's image will get ruined.

2) give up on testing, the dopers will take over.

Cycling chose number 1 - they do mammoth numbers of tests. Tennis chose 2.

Originally Posted by philosophicalarf View Post
Armstrong says in-competition testing will never catch anyone, only out-of-competition testing and the blood passport can.

Tennis has no blood passport system, and does basically no out of competition testing.

The methods and drugs used by Armstrong in 1999 would work in tennis right now, with zero chance of being caught (not slightly surprising to anyone familiar with the topic, btw).
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