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Re: 2013 Australia, new adventure begins in Down Under

Originally Posted by star View Post

Bonnie D. Ford ‏@Bonnie_D_Ford
On way out of tennis complex saw Simon inching down the hall w/arm around helper, touching wall for balance. Wouldn't accept a wheelchair.
Not the first time he needed help to get off the court in Melbourne, the last time was 2006 R1, he was so spent that he needed to be picked up off the floor in front of his chair. There's a pic of that somewhere. But anyway, that is Gilles, the skinnest tennis player with the biggest heart.

Originally Posted by mike s. View Post
Yeah, it's not worth it. GM seems to think that a match is only good if the players hit winners or errors on the first or second shot every point and half of them probably didn't even watch it. It's alright, you know he won a lot of fans in the crowd tonight for that effort.
Well, there is a reason that a Simon/Monfils match always turns out this way, they don't play other players like they do against each other, they know each others ability too well and somehow that they both feel they have to play long rallies to win. I'm not saying it's the best way, but the couch potatoes that are not in the players' shoes have no right to judge.

And then, there's those who can't stand Gilles style, but if Gilles can just hit aces and winners left right and center in the first point all the time you think he would play like this? What Gilles wants, which he has said many times is to have a big serve to set himself up and win cheap points. I'm sure if he can bash ball all day long he won't mind doing that. But his shots aren't big enough in a consistent basis for him to hit ppl off the court, he needs to play those long rallies to get the other guy out of position before he can hit the big shots. Those ppl who don't like his style just refuse to understand that.

Originally Posted by sammy01 View Post
I'm worried this knee problem might be something serious.
I'm worry for him for every part of his body, clearly the problems of the legs had led him to overcompensate his other parts of the body, like the arm and who knows where else. As much as I love his big heart, I also think he really needs to put his body in consideration when he's playing injured, which he does often. He has too little regard to his body sometimes.

Anyway, for tomorrow's match, I'm only hoping for a decent scoreline. It sucks that he has to play Murray, then again, if the draw was actually nicer but he is too spent to take advantage of it, I think that would suck more. So I thought it is probably better this way that he's playing a guy he has very little chance to beat anyway even when healthy. I'm curious to see how he will play though. Against Murray he has little options, he can't out-rally Andy, but he's not able to hit big enough shots to past Andy either. With his physical condition tomorrow, I don't know what he can do. Anyway, I'm already happy that he's in R4. Allez Gilles.
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