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Re: Djokovic on Armstrong, cycling, doping etc

Originally Posted by Fumus View Post
Djokovic is a HYPOCRITE.

Lance is a HERO.

Can anyone really argue that statement?

1 guy has raised millions for cancer research through his charity and spear headed an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Another guy is just a pompous ass running his mouth and doesn't even have a charity to speak of...even though he's made millions. He's talking about how people should suffer for cheating...meanwhile he's faked injuries a million times to try to gain an upper hand in matches, gosh if that's not cheating I don't know what is.

Lance hero.

Novak Hypocrite.
Lol, if anyone is pompous that would be you, can't even grasp simple facts As for the charity:

13. 09. 2012. · Novak Djokovic Foundation raised $1,400,000 at its first-ever fundraising dinner held at Capitale in New York last night.
October 16 2012 at 01:11pm

Tokyo – Serbia’s Novak Djokovic, aiming to finish the year as the world number-one, said Tuesday he was getting inspiration from a $10 million charity tie up with a Japanese clothing firm.

“There’s so many athletes, tennis players around the world,” he continued, trying to put his life into some kind of perspective, “they want to be the best in what they do. They want to succeed. Many of them, they don’t succeed in the end. I’m fortunate to have this opportunity and succeed.”
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