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Re: Delpo 2013 cheering thread- australian open

Originally Posted by misst89 View Post
I dont want to venture into the GM board. I know how everyone will just be making fun of him now. He just had a bad day but its just a little setback. It happens to all the big guys, they dip in form from time to time.
Don't worry, I'm in GM to defend him

Does anyone know what the trainer gave him twice yesterday? He wasn't injured, which is good of course, but he looked drained and out of energy from the start (maybe the heat, not sure), lacking power in his shots. I suppose the trainer gave him some energy supplements maybe. I'm not very worried about this loss, better have happened at AO than any other Slam as this is his worst shot at a Slam title (maybe along with Wimbledon), but would love to know what was going on. He played great in the first two rounds.

My full analysis of the match is here if anyone is interested. I'm sure Delpo will bounce back strong, we just need to keep supporting him

Supporting Jamvo1 for the ACC. Because he's not just playing for himself but sacrificing himself for the greater good, because he represents a noble cause (PM for details).

Because Jamvo1 is not the hero we deserve, but he's the hero we need. And because his victory will leave all the butthurt haters in ruins.
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